As part of this group coaching community, you will…
Be a part of an intimate group of women who are dedicated to their own growth and to supporting you through your own.
Experience 5 monthly meetings with me as your facilitator. Each meeting will be held from approximately 9:00am – 4:00pm one Saturday a month (September 2018- January 2019)
Experience a different theme each month. As a group, you will discuss & discover the impact each area has on your life, such as:
  • Well-Being (Taking care of YOU!)
  • Spirituality (Connecting to your higher power!)
  • Money (Mindset, finances, patterns, etc.)
  • Relationships (significant others, family, professional, etc.)
and more…


Testimonials from participants of the group coaching program:
Linda gave me tools to recognize the triggers that can set me off. She asks questions that helped me dig a bit deeper and recognize what I am doing. Being part of the group sessions have made a big difference to me. I’ve lost 35 pounds, I am more active, I feel better about myself, I have a goal that I know I can meet and I have a support system that I can call on. (This) program and the sessions have changed my life. – Anonymous, Rochester, NY
This is a profound program. I learned to set boundaries, how to forgive myself and am asking for what I want/need more than I used to. I’m now able to understand my life purpose and appreciate myself for my unique qualities. Linda makes the journey with you in a very loving, supportive manner and your classmates will become very important to you. – CF, Rochester, NY

Before starting the group program, I thought I was doing pretty great but with one issue to work out. My one “issue” was impacting so much of my life that I didn’t want to acknowledge it. Once I confronted it, everything in my life changed for the better. Linda demonstrates a level of care, compassion and leadership that both guides your discussion and makes you feel comfortable. This was absolutely worth the investment. Finding my happiness and joy again was priceless. If you are open and willing to work, you can come away a new person. – Cassandra Moffitt, Rochester, NY


For more information and to register, contact Linda Heeler at 585-210-8726 or Linda@LiveInspiredLifeCoaching.com.