We’ve been talking a lot about Superwoman Syndrome lately so you might be wondering,


“Why does this show up for so many women?”


What we’ve discovered during my past events is the #1 cause for Superwoman Syndrome is that women have a fear of looking like they don’t have it all together.


Where does this come from?


Women have a natural desire to nurture and take care of others but in today’s world, we have SO many responsibilities.
Because we’re trying to juggle IT ALL, Superwoman Syndrome can show up as people-pleasing, perfectionism and trouble setting boundaries.
Do any of these sound familiar?

    • You believe that, no matter how many balls you’ve got in the air, you SHOULD be able to handle them ALL without help and without complaint.
    • You like to keep tight control on everything so you know that it gets done the right way, YOUR way.
    • You feel isolated and alone, like no one else understands how you feel.
    • You’re exhausted physically and emotionally by keeping up the mask of “Nothing to see here, I’ve got it all handled” and don’t have a clue how to change it.


So what happens? We don the cape. We put a smile on our face, continue to try to do everything perfectly, all by ourselves.We say we like the idea of support and meaningful friendships but when it comes to asking for the help we need, it feels next to impossible.

In order to break through this, we need each other…


That’s why I’m excited to announce that I’ve created a community of dedicated women who are brave enough to change and open themselves up to receiving support from others experiencing the same thing.

How do we do that?


I’m leading a group of women who will meet one day a month for 5 months. During our time together, we will learn about our survival mechanism and our essence and how they play a role in each of the 4 major areas of life:

~ Wellness
~ Spirituality
~ Money
~ Relationships
In between our monthly meetings, there’s a monthly group phone call to provide ongoing support and accountability.
In addition, each month, members will be paired for support and to complete at home exercises.
It’s time to ditch the cape! Allow me and the incredible women in this community to support you as you continue to grow. Let’s do this together!

To determine if this program is the right fit for you,
Click here to schedule a 30 minute consultation
call me at 585-210-8726.

Don’t wait, the first class begins on February 4th!