A Foundation of Trust

I have been taking a look at what my core values are for my business and I thought it would be a difficult task. But what I found was it was fun. And it was very clear what my number 1 core value was: trust.
For me, trust is non-negotiable. If I don’t trust you or you me, then I believe there is no foundation for a deep relationship let alone being able to do business with one another.
As a coach, my clients have to trust me to uphold strict confidentiality. No one wants to worry whether the intimate details they share with me will end up on Facebook or as fodder for conversation at a networking event.  
Having come from the dental world, I am practiced at not sharing.  My family has gotten used to asking me only, “how was your day?” to which I usually reply either “good”  or “interesting.”  They know better than to ask anything beyond that.
As a friend or family member, nothing hurts worse than knowing you have betrayed someone’s trust.  We have all felt that sting.  We know how difficult it can be to learn to trust someone again after that happens.  And I know that there have been times when I’ve begged to be forgiven.  It takes time, understanding and forgiveness to mend the relationship. 
My clients must also trust that I care about them and have their best interest at heart.  There are times when it is my job to say something the client may not want to hear.  I have actually had clients threaten to hang up on me during a session because of something I pointed out to them.  However, once they calmed down, most were able to see what I was pointing to and have even thanked me for having the guts to say it.
We may need to do the same with the people we love.  We have to trust the relationship and love we have that we can say the difficult thing and be with whatever reaction shows up. 
I also must trust the clients I work with.  I must trust that they will empower me as their coach. That they will not just quit but stay in the conversation and trust that there is gold at the end of the process.
I must trust that my loved ones will trust me to love them and always have their backs.
I also need to trust myself.  I need to trust that I have what I need to provide value to each of my clients and to the people I love. And that if I find that things are not working out for the benefit of all, I need to trust myself to make the situation right. 
For example, if a client is not making progress, I need to trust that I will not just continue to work with them but refer them to another coach or even a therapist, if necessary.  In the case of a friend or family member,  I need to be able to back off and give them space along with love and acceptance.
And last but certainly not least, I need to have faith.  Faith is a form of trust.  A trust that everything will work out.  Trust that there is a higher being whose power I can call on whenever needed.
Trust is not something that I need just in my business, it is something I need in life.  These 3 aspects of trust: with myself, with others and with God, create the foundation for my life. To me this is my most important core value.

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