Do you ever find yourself wondering:

“Why do I feel stuck?”

“Why can’t I make more money?”

“Why can’t I find the right person to settle down with?”

“Why do I constantly fall short of my goals?!   Why?!!”


No one wants to feel this way, let alone show it. So what do we do?


We put on the facade of “Superwoman.”  You know, “Nothing to see here.” “I’ve got everything under control.”


Before realizing it, we fall prey to Superwoman Syndrome. But underneath we think, “I’m a phony. I’m not a Superwoman. Why can’t I have it all together like everyone else?”


Imagine what it would be like if you could reconnect with who you were born to be. 


What if you knew that you weren’t your fear, negative patterns or beliefs?  And that Superwomen didn’t exist?


If you’re ready to take back your life, then join us on Tuesday, July 31st from 8-10am for the final presentation of:




During this event, you will:
– understand how you sabotage yourself

– learn how to separate yourself from the negative thoughts that tear you down

– discover who you truly are!

– explore how your negative thoughts & behaviors can actually help!


Investment: $15 (includes breakfast)

When: Tuesday, 7/31/18


Where: Flower City Community Room at Five Star Bank

City Gate Branch, 395 Westfall Road, Rochester, NY 14620









“If you are willing to do the work to help yourself thrive and not just survive then this program is for you.”
-2018 Participant, Rochester, NY


Do you ever wish that you experienced more joy, peace and happiness?  What if life was meant to hold something more than fear, anxiety and stress? If you’ve read countless self-help books and still are no closer to happiness then check this out.


This program not only teaches you how to deal with what triggers and stops you, you also learn how to come from a place other than fear, anxiety and stress.


Join me as you meet and work with your teammates for a full day intensive workshop once a month for 5 months. Work on your goals AND focus on the main cornerstones of life including well being, spirituality, relationships, money, time and more.


During this group coaching experience, you will…


  • Be a part of an intimate group of women who are dedicated to their own growth and to supporting you through your own


  • Experience 5 monthly meetings with me as your facilitator. Each meeting will be held from  9:00am – 4:00pm


  • Attend a monthly group coaching call


  • Receive 5- 30 minute one on one coaching sessions with me, Linda Heeler, Professional Certified Coach



What do previous participants say?

Before doing Linda’s program, I felt weighed down by a lifetime of “baggage.” I was tired and emotionally drained. I knew I needed to make some changes but I had no idea where to start or how to change.  This program taught me new life skills and how to communicate in a healthy way. I’m thrilled that my marriage is better. I feel empowered and in control. I learned things about myself and feel more balanced. I am a different person.

Linda is tough (in a good way). She is great at making you look at difficult things and helps to get you results. Linda is kind, thoughtful, insightful and encouraging. Her strategies and ideas are life changing.

It’s not easy work and it takes time and effort but it is a life changing process. The results are amazing and life-changing so if you’re considering signing up, DO  IT!   – Lauren G., Rochester, NY


“This program exceeded my expectations. We were able to openly share our stories and thoughts on topics that were relevant to our lives. I realized that I can let go of my past “story” and that I have the power within and the support of others so I can live a more fulfilling life. 

Instead of feeling confused and alone in my thoughts without enough direction and “purpose,” I now feel connected with like-minded, strong women who have helped me grow and learn about my strengths.

This program was so worth the investment because of the depth we uncovered in ourselves and sharing with others truly helps to diminish our own self-doubts and fears.

I related to Linda’s suggestions and her openness and support are so rewarding to me. She is a great group facilitator and coach. She created a trusting and open environment. I was always amazed at something new I learned or discovered about myself.

If you are thinking of signing up, you are on the right track if you’re wanting growth and change. It’s a wise decision to make if you’re willing to commit to do the work. Then, if you continue to practice what you’ve learned, you will live a more fulfilling life! -DK, Rochester, NY


Before starting the group program, I thought I was doing pretty great but with one issue to work out. My one “issue” was impacting so much of my life that I didn’t want to acknowledge it. Once I confronted it, everything in my life changed for the better. Linda demonstrates a level of care, compassion and leadership that both guides your discussion and makes you feel comfortable. This was absolutely worth the investment. Finding my happiness and joy again was priceless. If you are open and willing to work, you can come away a new person. – Cassandra Moffitt, Rochester, NY


This program way exceeded my expectations. I was forced to really see how small, invisible and at others’ “beck and call” had reduced me to an “efficient machine” seething with resentment. I was struggling with body image, fear, sadness and anger. I felt blocked in ways that were shutting down my ability to grow.

Since the program, my trust level has risen so I’m able to take a risk and connect more fully with people. I learned that I do have needs and I’m finding ways to meet those needs.

There are “no hard edges” to Linda’s coaching style. Accepting and kind, she inspires me to round off the hard edges in my life and personality.  Linda is not speaking from a high and mighty platform.  Her many gifts include the way she uses her personal experiences of “before” and “after” in her own growth and expansion. That way, we identify with her past struggles and challenges. She shows us a softer way.

If you want to get the most out of this program, bring your honesty. Be clear about what painful areas you have and that you want to change.

This program was priceless—life changing! I got much more than I ever dreamed I would get and, the work continues!  -Tricia W, Rochester, NY




Because of the intensity of this program, it is only recommended for those who:

  • are committed to their growth and are willing to do the work
  • want a community of like-minded women
  • are committed to supporting AND receiving support from the other members of the group
  • realize that growth can be uncomfortable but necessary to create breakthroughs and transformation.


To be placed on the waitlist for this transformative program

simply email Linda at


For more information, contact Linda Heeler at 585-210-8726 or