Finding Our Value(s)


My New Year’s resolution for 2013 was to make this my best year ever by reaching and impacting as many people’s lives as possible.  In order to do that, I am committed to everyone having the best year ever.   My aim is to spread the word about what coaching is and have as many people as possible experience the power of it.
I then realized that I needed a different focus for my business.  Actually I needed to start treating it like a business.  Since business is not my primary language, I decided I would need some help from an expert. In walked Vicki James from Stand Out Results.
One of the first things Vicki had me do was distinguish my core values for my business.  A few years ago, I put together a workshop based around identifying the participants values and then had them write a personal mission statement for the organization for which they were volunteering.
I had identified my values then but I decided to start from scratch particularly to see if my values were different for my business than personally. 
I began by going online and finding a list of 300 values.  I read through the list and wrote down any that resonated with me.  This left me with a list of 38 values.
I then picked out the ones that had the most energy for me.  The first was easy.  Trust had the most pull for me.  I went on to list 7 more.  I then realized that the other 30 that I had listed could be put into one of the first eight categories.
I got to take a close look at what I value, not my mom or dad, my husband or kids, my coach, my friends or the world.  
I found myself having fun with this exercise and really owning my values.  It made me take a look at not only what I value but also who I want be in life.
I thought that Vicki would be pleased with the work I had done and she was.  However, she asked me to narrow my list even further,  down to 5 core values for my business. With Vicki’s assistance, I was able to do that.  
Consider doing this exercise for yourself.  What do you value most personally or for your business?  Are they the same? 
Google “list of values” and write down what speaks to you.  Then narrow that list till you get the 5-6 values that say what’s really important to you.  
Are you living your life according to your core values?  If not, how’s it going?  What would life be like for you if you did?  What would be a simple action you could take today to honor what you value in life?
In upcoming blogs, I will take you through what I discovered to be my 5 core values for my business and what each means to me.  
Please share what comes up for you here or go to my Linda Heeler Coaching Facebook page.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

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