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Amtrak Crash

I woke up to the news of a train derailment in Philadelphia. There were many people injured and at least 6 dead.

I watched a national morning news program where survivors of the crash said that the majority of people involved not only remained calm but worked together to get everyone out. There were accounts of passengers sitting with other passengers helping to ease their fear and console them before the paramedics could get to them.

The reporter seemed stunned.

The subsequent news stories described the devastation of the crash and told that there was an alert because this might be a terrorist attack.  And with all of the trains now running in the US, they wondered, are we truly safe?

I have noticed the media uses words when reporting, like terrifying ordeal, devastating and horrific. I thought the news was to report the facts? But if they just reported the facts without embellishment, their audience would think it was boring, right?

The news is a business and has certainly spent a lot of money on marketing research so they know which news stories sell. They’re doing what will put the most money in their pocket.

When I watch the national news, I get scared. Then I want to do something to fix what’s making me scared so I think I have to fight against what’s wrong. It ends up being me against someone or something else and now I’m not only scared but angry as well.

What do I want? I want the facts, just the facts, free of embellishing. I believe the media has a strong responsibility to be aware of the words they use so as to not incite fear or anger.

The Philadelphia train crash actually gives me hope. In addition to passengers helping each other, our men and women who are firemen, police officers and paramedics, were quick to respond.

And this is what happens not only here in the US but around the world. People rushing in to help when disaster strikes.  Look at Nepal.


In our town, we have recently experienced flooding and who was there to help? Our volunteer fire departments not only from our town but from surrounding towns as well.

I also saw a crew from a neighboring town helping with clean up. Neighbors helping neighbors.

So yes, there is a lot of bad going on in the world, but I believe there is more good than bad and I refuse to be scared anymore.

Instead of looking for evidence that the world is a scary place, let’s look for the good.  It’s out there, we just have to look for it.


4 Responses to Good News

  • Good points, Linda. Sometimes I prefer to read the news the old-fashioned way, just to eliminate the startling music and “Breaking News” headlines. Even weather has become a big deal that warrants daily reports. Somehow, reading is a more calm experience that I can take in bits and pieces as it suits me.

    • That’s a good point about the weather, Joy. With the way the weather has been lately, it seems we are hearing about flooding, tornados and natural disasters. But there are always people there to help no matter what, it seems. And I agree that the written word can be a bit less jolting. Thanks for the comment!

  • I agree that the media does use words that incite and place fear. It makes me angry that they are not more responsible for their reporting – which should be only the facts. Once they start placing adjectives in describing a news story, they are voicing their opinions. Your blog is so well worded, and I am determined to see the good out there! Rarely is that “newsworthy”, but it certainly should be! There is far more good in this world, and we need to keep that perspective when viewing news stories about the bad. Thanks Linda for putting this into words!

    • Thanks Lynn! I believe we can always find the evidence we are looking for. If we are looking for the negative then we will find it. But if we CHOOSE to look for the positive we will find that. And I agree with you, that there is far more good than bad. You and I just need to continue to practice looking for it!

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