Inspiration Point

IMG_0381I’ve recently changed the name of my blog to Inspiration Point. For those of you who remember the TV show Happy Days, Inspiration Point was where the kids would go to “make out.”

I’ve decided that I want this space to be a place of inspiration and inspiration can come from many different places and look like many different things.

So I will not only be posting some of my thoughts via blog posts but I will also be posting whatever/whoever inspires me.

Keep an eye open for what inspires you and feel free to share it in the comments below.

And speaking of eyes, how do you like these cupcakes?! I found them at my cousin’s baby shower and thought they were so cute and clever!

IMG_0382I am always inspired by the creativity of those who can take simple things like Oreos and M & M’s and turn them into something amazing!

What creative things have you seen recently that inspired you?

3 Responses to Inspiration Point

  • I love this idea!! Happy Days was so good. I was inspired today at the dentist office when I had a good conversation about yoga. I have been wanting to try it for a long time!!

    • Great Julie! When will you give yoga a try? I was just like you. I wanted to try yoga for a long time and then our local gym started offering classes! The instructor was great and the other participants were so supportive, I fell in love with it! I hope you will give it a try. Keep living inspired!

  • This is really great. Awesome idea….loved Happy Days. Ready for lunch?

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