The Normal Lies Podcast

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Join Linda Heeler as she uncovers the “normal lies” that have become “normalized” in our lives for years.


Through her work as a Professional Certified Coach, Linda works with people to uncover and shift the disempowering stories (lies) that the voice in their head says are true about them.

After realizing the lies that we were born into and the systemic racism that has taken place in our country for hundreds of years, Linda’s eyes were opened to the harm that’s occuring simply because we have been living so many lies. And, it’s not just the lies about race but also regarding sexism, ableism, ageism, etc.


My intention and commitment with this podcast is to not only wake people up to their own personal lies but also the systemic lies that exist in our world.

Linda Heeler


We are living by default and are raised in an environment that perpetuates perfectionism, people-pleasing, fear and lack which causes us to believe we are not enough.


The “normalized” definition of personal responsibility has come to mean that we beat ourselves up for every mistake. This podcast is about allowing us to step into and own every aspect of our lives, even our mistakes.


Instead of leading with blame/shame, we practice ownership of our mistakes with kindness and forgiveness of ourselves. And then, we get back in the game.


This podcast is about the freedom to choose how to respond to life’s circumstances rather than simply reacting and putting out fires. By choosing to respond with grace, ease and strength, we tap into a well-spring of personal and dynamic power. Imagine creating YOUR version of life from that place!


Each week, we will explore topics that range from relationships, parenting, your health, racism, sexism, career, trauma and more. We talk to experts who will answer questions about the lies that are currently creating our experience.


Take away new insights and actions to better understand yourself and your world so you immediately experience more joy, peace and meaning. However…

WARNING: This podcast is about asking hard questions and having messy, uncomfortable conversations.

Listen anyway.


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