You’re born, then you die.

Maybe I'm being blunt but it's the truth.

It's time to make a choice.


Do you want to go through life afraid to step outside your comfort zone or do you want to listen to that voice inside that knows you were meant for more?


Are you still believing what people said about you, 'you'll never amount to anything,' ' you can't have what you want but everyone else can'  (this was my flavor)?


What's the lie you made up about yourself a long time ago?


Believe it or not, we all have stories about us and the world. 


We think these are the absolute truth.


They. Are. Not.


You've heard the saying, 'the mind is a dangerous place, don't go there alone.'


Together, you and I sift through all of the stories, fears and beliefs. You learn how to shift the mindset that is keeping you stuck.


Then, you get to meet YOU, the real YOU, for the first time. (Just to tell you, she's really beautiful, smart, talented, funny, wise… I can't wait for you to meet her!)


Then the REAL you makes a plan. A plan filled with all the things you have been dreaming of: love, excitement, joy, peace, a successful business/career, a house by the water, a pot-bellied pig…(you fill in the blank).


It is possible to love your life!                                                img_3202-copy-small


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